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Side Events


Workshop: AgroBioHeat and BIOFIT (17th November 2020)

This workshop is open to all registered attendees and will explore the themes and achievements of two ongoing H2020 projects, namely, AgroBioHeat and BIOFIT.

AgroBioHeat aims to promote the penetration of agrobiomass heating solutions in European rural areas whilst BIOFIT will support and initiate bioenergy retrofitting opportunities in five industry sectors, namely first-generation biofuels, pulp and paper, fossil. Find out more about this workshop.

Working Group: Competitiveness (17th November 2020)

This working group will focus on specific initiatives which will not be covered during the main event. It will provide participants with an insight into the main factors that are shaping the competitiveness of bioenergy within the EU and its wider policy context. 

It focuses on different policies and instruments which determine the competitiveness of bioenergy within the EU. Equally, the systemic issues like adequate carbon pricing and other sector specific regulations.

Find out more about this working group.

Working Group: Domestic Heating & Pellets (19th November 2020)

This working group offers a unique platform for all pellet stakeholders – to meet and discuss common issues and concerns regarding the development of the EU pellet market, as well as identify and propose actions to overcome current barriers.

It also aims to discuss the market development of biomass heating appliances and share on the recent legislative market developments. Find out more about this working group.

Please note that these working groups are primarily for Bioenergy Europe members. However, observers are welcome at the discretion of Bioenergy Europe. If you are not a member but wish to participate as an observer please contact the WG DH & Pellet coordinators, Gilles Gauthier and Alberto Rocamora, and Michal Dlugosz for Competitiveness.