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The Green Deal


Bioenergy – a critical catalyst to decarbonise Europe

Brussels, 03/08/2020 The European Green Deal sets the parameters for Europe to become the first carbon neutral continent by 2050, with bioenergy playing a fundamental role in driving the necessary energy transition. Sustainable bioenergy is both carbon neutral and renewable, meriting its inclusion in the EU Long Term decarbonisation strategy and cementing its role as a cornerstone of the Green Deal. This year, Bioenergy Europe’s bi-annual conference, European Bioenergy Future 2020, presents the unique opportunity for industry leaders and expert policy-makers to come together in order to explore the means through which the European Green Deal will transform the EU, and the essential role that bioenergy will play.

Bioenergy embodies the principle of circularity, with sustainable biomass sourced from forestry and forest-based industry leftovers, residues, and waste. It offers a fossil-free and competitive solution for energy intensive European industry such as steel, chemicals and cement that have long proved the backbone of the European economy. The Green Deal recognises the essential need to decarbonise and modernise these sectors, and bioenergy offers a competitive and efficient way to do so. Furthermore, the bioenergy industry already provides upwards of 700,000 direct and indirect jobs. A scale-up of the sector under the Green Deal will only serve to contribute to the delivery of a job-rich transition for Europe. It is time for Europe to recognise the role of bioenergy as a critical catalyst in achieving carbon-neutrality, moving away from fossil-fuels towards a 100% renewable-based energy supply.

At European Bioenergy Future 2020, the future of bioenergy will be explored in further detail by a panel of policy experts and industry leaders. The first panel The European Green Deal: growing into a carbon neutral economy will bring together European Commission representatives such as; Ditte Juul Jørgensen, Director-General of DG Energy and market specialists; Ylwa Alwarsdotter, Executive Vice President Sekab Biofuels & Chemicals, Stefan Ortner, CEO ÖkoFEN, Michael Schytz, Head of Fuel Procurement & Logistics, HOFOR. Through articulation of the role of correct framework, the EBF panel discussion will explore the socio-economic challenges related to the energy transition, and dive deeper into the enhanced economic resilience that bioenergy can provide to European regions.

In establishing a radical policy framework, the European Green Deal will shape Europe’s future as climate leaders, but equally offer member states the opportunity to invest in technological innovation and digitalisation that are essential to a carbon-neutral future. The forthcoming years are essential in defining the role that bioenergy will play in the energy transition. In exploring the legislative decisions that are set to define both the sector and Europe itself, European Bioenergy Future 2020 will spearhead the conversation and provide an essential platform through which industry leaders can come together to exchange ideas, explore solutions and identify the necessary steps towards a stronger, greener future.