Ilias Papageorgiadis is director of AEBIOM since December 2015. He is also the President of the Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas (ARBIO), the representative body of BioEnergy and Energy Crops in Romania, since 2012. ARBIO’s main priority is to enable Romania to create a separate scheme dedicated strictly to the BioEnergy sector, with specialized focus on Biomass Heat. ARBIO also e ndeavors to showcase South Eastern Europe (SEE) as an “open economic area for BioEnergy”, initiating collaborations between its members (originating from 14 countries) and local partners. Furthermore, Ilias is the CEO of MORE Group that is active in the sectors of Real Estate, BioEnergy and FMCG in Romania, and is also a business mentor and public speaker. In addition, he is the Vice President of ProAgro, the Romanian Farmers’ Federation. His prior business engagements and career span across journalism and political marketing positions in Greece and since 2008, he has created the first Real Estate blog in SEE. Ilias is also a regular columnist for economic and energy websites published in Romania, Greece and other countries.