Douglas led strategic planning for a $billion Canadian forestry company 1990-2002, then started Climate Change Solutions, a consulting firm focused on biomass development with clients in Canada, Europe, US and Australia. Over 20 years he has delivered bioenergy presentations at conferences worldwide, from Singapore to Stockholm, Bello Horizonte to Atlanta, and Istanbul to London. In 2007-13 he was part-time President- Canadian Bioenergy Association growing revenues 700%, tripling corporate memberships, and leading 16 Canadian missions to Europe & Asia. These missions vaulted community biomass heat in Canada from 12 installations in 2007 to 150 by 2014. He was Canada’s representative on IEA Tasks 25, 38 and 40, where he authored studies on European Pyrolysis Oil Markets, and Low-cost Long Distance Supply Chains. He now consults full time in biomass market assessments, biomass cost and availability, and investment evaluation. He is on the Board of Directors of the World Bioenergy Association. He has an Honours degree in Mathematics from Queens University & a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario.