David Frykerås’s company Againity has developed what most city mayors have dreamt of for years – a small-scale yet cost-effective waste-to-energy plant that can finally solve their vast challenges of ever-growing waste dumps. After selling his last company Ageratec, which exported biodiesel processor plants to 23 countries and received the award of Sweden’s fastest growing tech company, David has now founded another cleantech company – Againity. Againity’s products are all based on an in-house developed ORC system with a patent-pending turbine solution. The system produces electricity from low-grade heat offering cost-efficient, climate-neutral and weather independent power generation. The heat source can be excess heat from gas turbines, biomass boilers or other industrial processes, to name a few. One of the core applications is small-scale incineration of household waste, a breakthrough innovation that has quickly spurred demand from all over the world.