Agenda, Day 1

01 . 01 . 2017

Pellet Breakfast

8:00 > 11:30

A morning discussion on the latest white and black pellet market developments, with learning opportunities on market forecasting - and more.

Agri-Biomass & Energy Crops

8:00 > 11:30

Solid, vegetal residues from agriculture and dedicated cultures result in abundant feedstock sources which are largely underutilized.


Biomass from public green spaces

8:00 > 11:30

Final conference of the greenGain project which is looking for solutions to increase energy utilisation of biomass feedstock coming from landscape conservation and maintenance work.

Card Exchange Lunch

11:30 > 13:00

A 30-minute, interactive card exchange session to meet new business partners and exchange with stakeholders will be followed by a Belgian-themed lunch.

Welcome Words

13:00 > 13:20

Jean Marc Jossart, Secretary General of the European Biomass Association, will welcome participants and open a day of market & policy discussions.

The Future of Bioenergy

13:20 > 13:40

A high-level institutional representative will provide participants with his vision on the upcoming role bioenergy will play in the EU28 energy mix.

AEBIOM Statistical Report 2017

13:40 > 14:00

Senior Bioenergy Experts Cristina Calderon and Gilles Gauthier will officially present the exclusive figures collected by AEBIOM in its latest statistical publication.

Future Role of Biomass: CEO's Vision & the COP21 path

14:00 > 15:00

CEOs from prominent bioenergy companies will guide the audience through what their innovative vision for the sector is - for the years to come.

Focus on Developing Markets: Africa

15:15 > 16:30

Presentations of bioenergy waste and residue potentials in West, East and Southern Africa - with a focus on potential business opportunities.

Clean Energy Package

16:30 > 18:00

The publication of the Clean Energy Package, commonly referred to as the Winter Package, has been a crucial moment for the European bioenergy sector. Discuss sustainability, H&C and more with eminent policy makers.

Agenda, Day 2

01 . 01 . 2017

Bio Tech Hub Industrial Scale

8:00 > 10:00

Discuss the latest technology developments in industrial scale applications and installations, featuring presentations from market leaders.

Bio Tech Hub Medium Scale

8:00 > 10:00

The medium scale sector is steadily growing. Join this panel to have a comprehensive overview of what the latest innovative technologies are for this segment.

Bio Tech Hub Domestic Heating

8:00 > 10:00

As we enter the era of domotics, technology innovations are spilling over the bioenergy domain as well. Learn from industry experts how these changes are taking place.

Bio Tech Hub Coffee Networking

10:00 > 11:00

Participants will be given 1 hour to network with peers, with the possibility to organise specific meetings beforehand (technology available soon).

The Future Role of Bioenergy

11:00 > 12:00

Let's look at the larger picture. Where do we stand and were are we headed? This concluding session will provide participants with inspirational conclusions.

'Taste of Africa' Lunch

12:00 > 13:00

Prepare your taste buds to experience the exotic taste of African cuisine, with accents of European food.

Business Matchmaking

13:00 > 16:00

Presentations of bioenergy waste and residue potentials in West, East and Southern Africa - with a focus on potential business opportunities.